Volunteer at Moods of the Madison 2016

June 5, 2016


Click this link for Moods of the Madison volunteer shift sign up! 


Volunteer Shifts are now open!!! Volunteers will receive a comp ticket to Moods of the Madison. 1 shift scheduled receives a day pass. 2 shifts scheduled receive a weekend pass. 3 shifts scheduled that include a setup, teardown, or overnight will receive a weekend pass and a general tent camping pass. 

Volunteers will check in to their shifts at the SIBBZ Longboards Volunteer Tent located near the main gate prior to each shift and sign in. All volunteers will need to pay a $15.00 volunteer fee via credit or debit card to be active volunteer. A prepay link will be made available before the festival to scheduled volunteers to speed up the volunteer checkin process on site. There will be a pre shift meeting where a quick job description will be done on site prior to working scheduled shift. This is where all volunteers ask questions about what they will be doing, and be directed to job location. All volunteers need to remember to stay sober during their shifts and to represent MOTM in a positive, professional manner. Being a volunteer is a privilege not a right. DON'T ABUSE THE VOLUNTEER SYSTEM. The requirement for comped festival passes will be one shift per day for a ticket comp. You may work both shifts in one day or two shifts in two days for a festival pass. If you work a third shift during setup, teardown, or overnight you will receive a general tent camping comp. All volunteers will be required to pay a $15.00 fee via credit or debit card during onsite volunteer checkin. If you do not show up to your scheduled shifts you will be charged a full festival ticket price. If you show up for one shift and are a no show for your second shift you will be charged for a full price day ticket. And yes.... you can work one day and get a day ticket and not have to work the whole weekend.
And hit me up with questions!!!! 

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